Monday, September 7, 2009

well we made it to our destination. It is getting cold up here in the north. We saw a big horn ram, a bear, fox, a dear, a moose X 2, and a buck. The Canadian wilderness is crazy. We almost ran out of gas along a 202 km (120 mile) stretch of road in the middle of now where. We had to back track 5o km (30 miles) to the closest gas. Coasting in with about a 15 mile cushion, it was definitely a scary moment especially when we thought we found someplace on the map that might have gas. When we pulled up and asked he pointed and said "5o km that way". We both swallowed hard and responded, well OK I hope that we make it. I usually don't throw people under the bus, but I was asleep in the passenger seat when my mother blew past the sign that read "check fuel level, next services 202 km". This is where we quickly established the "surgeons rule": never skip a meal or pass a bathroom with out using it. One never knows when he might get pulled into surgery for 22 hours. If you are below half on the tank and you see a service station then fill up. That is our new rule for Canada. The good part is that we now know how far her car will get on a tank of gas with out running dry, 495 miles. Thank God that we did not run out. 15min stretches of time would go by with out seeing another car and we were two hours from dark. Oh well lesson learned, don't sleep with out reminding mom about the gas level. She feels really horrible about putting us at such passable jeopardy. What she doesn't know is that her son (me) lived outdoors for two years and would know what to do. So if you're planning on running out of gas in the lower part of Canada, take me with you, I'm up for the adventure. More later we are headed to eat! Jake

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