Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Total trip recap

Trip Recap: starting with 85283 miles on car, to date –90245 = 4962 miles driven from mom’s house. The below mileage listings are approximate and from my poorly taken daily notes.
Day 1: Thursday
Left Virginia Beach and drove to my brothers in Boiling Green, Ohio. We left at 708am and arrived 1130pm. Mileage – 755. We stopped in Columbus to have dinner with a friend.
Day 2: Friday
Had breakfast with my brother, drove to MI and ate and visited with friends near Detroit and then headed west again. On the road from brother’s by 1030am and arrived in the Quad cities at 820pm central time. Mileage – 495
Day 3: Saturday
We were up and on the road by 845am. We drove to Lincoln NE. That night we met up with my mothers long lost cousin. Mileage – 404
Day 4: Sunday
We spent the day in Lincoln and enjoyed the State Fair. We then had dinner with Carol the cousin.
Day 5: Monday
I have stopped writing down the times we get going and arrive by this time. This day we met up with Carol and drove south to Beatrice and Wymore NE to go see the gravestones of relatives’ generations back. It was a great walk through my family’s history and awesome to be present for my mom and her cousin to reminisce. We dropped Carol off at work and then headed out to Sioux City IO. Unfortunately we did not connect with my mom’s old army nurse pal so we continued west towards Mount Rushmore. That night we stayed in Mitchell SD. Mileage – 328
Day 6: Tuesday
We drove through Bad Lands NP and west to Keystone. This is a quaint little town three miles outside of Mount Rushmore National Monument. That evening we went up for the night viewing and lighting of the four faces. Mileage – 370
Day 7: Wednesday
Up for sunrise Mount Rushmore then through Custer State Park and then west to Cody, WY. Mileage – 308
Day 8: Thursday
Drove into Yellowstone and explored, then to the Old Faithful Inn for the night. It was awesome. Mileage – 165
Day 9: Friday
Up to explore more of Yellowstone and then exit through the north gate. We stayed a few miles west of Bozeman Montana. Mileage – 240
Day 10: Saturday
This was going to be the easy, rest, mosey, and planning day but mom lost her wallet and it was 240 extra miles of driving to get it. That night we stayed in Kalispell. Mileage – 570
Day 11: Sunday
We slept in and leisured around then headed out to see Glacier NP. That night we crossed the boarder into Canada at the Roosville Port north of Eureka. We stayed in Cranbrook, BC that night. Mileage – 335
Day 12: Monday Labor Day
This was a strange day. We almost ran out of gas, I got altitude headaches and stomach pains and was not feeling to well most of the day. We made it through the Canadian Parks and to our destination in Prince George, BC. Mileage – 632.

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