Monday, September 21, 2009

What started out looking like an easy 550 mile drive turned into quite the adventure. The road we were on apparently makes a crazy 90 degree turn to stay on that road, but also goes straight, taking you to the coast and Alaska boarder. That is where we wound up, 40 miles out of the way. It then took us about 15 min of driving in a big circle around this little boarder town to figure out where we were and what happened. It was a good thing though, because the best scenery was along that 40 mile stretch of road. There were lots of glacier melt water falls along the road. After we got our bearings the drive was on.
The day started by getting up early and out of the cabin we stayed in. There was a nice encounter with the local kitty cat and a strange encounter with inn keeper. We booked it out of there and drove for a little while and stooped for breakfast. It was the best breakfast yet! It was a buffet of fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fresh croissants, among other delicious goodness. Then south to our unknown detour. Once through that we turned east to get to our destination for the night. Personally I am ready to out of Canada. Things are just peculiar and strange here. English, American cars, food is pretty good, but the folks are odd. They are all just a little odd. Well one more day in Canada and then back to the good'ol lower 48 USA. Jake

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