Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Day in Vancouver, BC

WOW this was an awesome day. We started out slowly, but packed in a ton. Breakfast at the hotel was meek so we hoofed it across the street for a great breakfast. From there we were off to explore some of the many parks and gardens the city has to offer. We wound are way through one then the next. Along the way we bumped it to two gentlemen that were photographing a sports car. They were very friendly and gave us some good tips on what to see. We then went down through the botanical gardens and a university campus here in BC. After those wonderful sites we explored the public market. This was really neat and easy to do and see in three short hours. Lots to do and look at, easy to get to and park, not crowed, picturesque, and generally fun all the way round. After a tasty seafood lunch, we traveled across the Lions Gate Bridge to site see the supencengin bridge. This was completely cool. It was a journey into the forest like no other. We walked the entire grounds and back across the bridge. Mom was very brave and made it througth. It can be nerve racking on the sway of the bridges. From there we ventured back it Vancouver and finished off the other side of the park we explored last night. This is where we caught one of the best sunset I have ever seen. After that we cut back through the heart of downtown Vancouver and returned to the hotel. Off to bed for tomorrow is another day of sight seeing and then off to my father's. Jake

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