Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 day recap.

Lets see, Monday we drove 330 miles from Nebraska in to South Dakota. That night we got in really late and it was pretty much straight to bed. Tuesday and Wednesday were intense days. Once we made it to the Bad Lands NP in South Dakota, right up to where we are currently, everywhere we looked could be a post card. Obviously the gas stations/ rest stops are not that picturest but the scenery around them is breathtaking. Tuesday was 370 miles and we stayed in Keystone, 2 miles from Mt. Rushmore. That night mom and I attended the nightly lighting of the monument. See the pictures in Picasa site. Wednesday we were up before dark, checked out of the motel and drove back up to the four faces for and amazing natural sunrise lighting. From there we had a little adventure looking for the correct scenic route, but eventually we got on the right path. This took us thought some killer views in the Black Hills, into Custer State park, and then down the Needles Road. We saw dear, turkey, little chip monks, buffalo, and lots of cool birds and other wildlife. From there we drove past Crazy Horse and then west towards Yellowstone. Wednesday was another long day, logging 467 miles. The drive through the Big Horn Mountain Range took us from 3000ft to 8500ft and then back down to 5000ft. We past through towns with populations of 10, 51, 301, and 8000. The little tiny ones have there very own post offices too, amazing. Now we are off again. I will be uploading yesterday pictures and then westward again. Jake

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